Meet Chief Terry Horne, the Artist Creating a Stó:lō House Post for the Chilliwack YMCA

Over the past few months, we’ve had the honour of working with some incredible people to bring the new Chilliwack YMCA to life. One such person is Chief Terry Horne of the Yakweakwioose First Nation in Chilliwack, BC. He carries the ancestral name of Siyemches, a name passed down to him by his grandfather, Frank Malloway.

Chief Horne is also a talented Coast Salish artist with over 20 years of experience. His artwork has been exhibited in countries around the world in numerous galleries. His preferred artistic medium is wood, mainly red cedar, from which he carves house posts, totem poles and masks.

He is currently carving a house post for the Chilliwack YMCA. Read our interview with Chief Horne to learn more about the significance of the house post, as well as the artist himself.